Malcolm X

Malcolm X is a 1992 biographical film directed by Spike Lee about the African-American activist and Black nationalist Malcolm X. The story is based on The Autobiography of Malcolm X as told to Alex Haley.

Denzel Washington was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor for his role as Malcolm X.

Malcolm X is often regarded as Lee's finest film (with the possible exception of Do the Right Thing).

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Malcolm X :Themes

The most prominent theme that dominates the story is that of a self-made leader who makes a successful life for himself after experiencing abject poverty as a youth and prison as a young man. The film also confronts racism; much of Malcolm's railing from the pulpit speaks of the financial and social poverty experienced by those of his ethnicity in America. However, this theme has been much more sharply and unabashedly explored in Lee's earlier films; here it takes on a milder tone perhaps because Lee is more wisely interested in the life of Malcolm X, rather than focusing solely on the controversy that surrounded him all his life.

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Malcolm X:Trivia

In the film's final scene, South African anti-apartheid activist Nelson Mandela -- recently released after 27 years of political imprisonment -- appears as a schoolteacher in a classroom in Soweto. He recites a portion of one of Malcolm X's most famous speeches, including the following sentence:

"We declare our right on this earthREAD MORE

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Malcolm X :Controversy

Spike Lee sought to make the film controversial even before the project received a greenlight from Warner Brothers. Initially, Warner Studios wanted Norman Jewison to direct the film. Lee was quite vocal in his opposition to the choice of Jewison, a white filmmaker. Lee felt that X's story had to be told by a black director. Jewison eventually agreed and stepped aside. However, Lee already had a reputation of being a fiercely independent director and his critics didn't hesitate in reiterating his longstanding disdain for Hollywood convention and his surly public nature. Lee also encountered immense difficulty in securing the budget he felt wasREAD MORE

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Malcolm X:Plot summary

The film breaks the life and times of the famous African-American activist Malcolm X into three sections. The first section deals with the troubled childhood of Malcolm Little, whose father (a preacher) was murdered by the Black Legion and whose mother wasREAD MORE

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