Batman (1989 film)

Batman is a 1989 motion picture based on the Batman character created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger. It is the first entry into the original four-part Batman film series, the first directed by Tim Burton and the first to star Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne/Batman. Based on the Frank Miller Batman comics of the era, which were noted for their dark tone, the film helped usher a return to the dark roots of the Batman character and a move away from the campy 1960s era representations of the character.

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Batman :Reaction

When the film was approved for production, there was considerable fan concern that it would emulate the farcical parodying tone of the 1960s Batman television series starring Adam West, concerns that seemed even more worrying after the casting of Michael Keaton (who was, at that time, known for his comedic acting) in the title role. To quell the concern, a rushed teaser trailer was released to prove the film would be more faithful to theREAD MORE
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Batman cast

Michael Keaton as Batman/Bruce Wayne
Jack Nicholson as Joker/Jack Napier
Kim Basinger as Vicki Vale
Robert Wuhl as Alexander Knox
Pat Hingle as Commissioner Gordon
Billy Dee Williams as Harvey Dent
Michael Gough as Alfred
Jack Palance as Grissom
Jerry Hall as Alicia
Tracey Walter as Bob the Goon
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Batman : Synopsis

Like many large cities, Gotham is having troubles related to criminal activity. Fearing that the crime will deter citizens from attending the city's anniversary gala, and believing that cleaning up the city will help rejuvenate the failing downtown area, Gotham's mayor tasks district attorney Harvey Dent with finding a way to make the city safe again; Dent, in turn, targets mob boss Carl Grissom, who is believed to sponsor most of the criminal activity within Gotham and who is known to be paying off a significant part ofREAD MORE
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