Kill Bill:Volume 2 Synopsis

  It is revealed in Volume 2 that The Bride's real name is Beatrix Kiddo. Though this does not occur until past the halfway point, Beatrix is the name used throughout this section to avoid confusion. It is also revealed that Budd is Bill's brother.

Kill Bill: Volume 2 opens with a brief recap of Volume 1, narrated by Beatrix herself: she was betrayed and left for dead by the other members of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad, and is now hunting them down one by one. She states that Bill is the only one she has left to kill, indicating that this scene is out of chronological order (at the end of Volume 1 she still had three targets left).

The first chapter of Volume 2 takes place at the now-notorious wedding chapel (like all the chapel scenes, it is in black-and-white). Beatrix and her friends are there for her wedding rehearsal when Bill shows up unexpectedly, and for the first time the audience gets to see his face. Though disappointed to see his lover marrying someone else, he is polite and mild-mannered, and even consents to being introduced to the groom as Beatrix's father. Throughout these scenes, the director exploits the creepy tension between Bill's pleasant demeanor and the violence that we know will occur next. Once Beatrix believes she has convinced Bill not to cause any trouble, she takes her place at the altar with her groom, a local record store owner. The camera then pulls back out the door of the chapel, revealing the other four Deadly Vipers waiting outside with their weapons. They walk into the chapel and we hear them firing as the scene fades to black.

Moving to the present, we see Bill paying a visit to his estranged brother Budd (aka "Sidewinder", played by Michael Madsen), another former Deadly Viper. Bill warns him that Beatrix will come for him next, but Budd, now overweight and alcoholic, his assassin days apparently behind him, seems either to not take him very seriously or blatantly not care much for his life. Bill departs, and Budd goes to his job as a bouncer at a topless bar, where his boss chews him out for being late.

After Budd returns to his secluded trailer home that evening, we see that Beatrix has indeed come for him. But as soon as she opens the door, Budd blasts her in the chest with rock salt, incapacitating her. He then phones Elle Driver, tells her he's captured Beatrix, and offers to sell her Beatrix's Hanzo sword for one million dollars. Elle agrees, on the condition that Beatrix "must suffer to her last breath." In a horrific scene, filmed from The Bride's point of view, Budd ties Beatrix up, puts her in a wooden coffin, and buries her alive at the local graveyard.

The movie leaves Beatrix, cliff-hanger style, in the coffin and moves to what proves to be a flashback set in China, many years before. Bill is taking Beatrix to the temple of legendary martial arts master Pai Mei (a classic example of the Elderly Martial Arts Master stock character). After warning Beatrix to be humble and obedient, Bill convinces Pai Mei to accept her for training. The training is extremely rigorous, with many hardships, but she becomes a formidable warrior under his tutelage.

Back in the coffin, we see Beatrix call on this training, as she uses one of Pai Mei's techniques to smash her way out of the coffin and claw her way up to freedom. She hikes back to Budd's isolated desert trailer in time to see Elle pulling up in her Trans Am, and Budd standing in his doorway.

Inside the trailer, the eyepatch-wearing Elle makes small talk with Budd, and presents him with a suitcase full of cash in payment for the sword. As Budd counts the money, a highly poisonous black mamba that Elle had hidden in the suitcase attacks, biting him several times in the face (Black Mamba was Beatrix's code name). Elle lectures Budd as he dies, lamenting that "maybe the greatest warrior I have ever met, met her end at the hands of a bushwhackin', scrub, alcoholic piece of shit like you". Bill calls her cell phone, and she feigns sympathy and tells him that his brother Budd was killed by a black mamba left in his camper by Beatrix, but that Beatrix herself is now dead and buried.

Elle takes both sword and money and prepares to leave, but as she opens the door, Beatrix attacks her, kicking her back inside. The two fight ferociously in the enclosed space, with neither gaining a clear advantage until Elle manages to unsheath Beatrix's Hanzo sword. Beatrix, however, serendipitously discovers Budd's Hanzo sword hidden in a golf bag, despite Budd's claim to have pawned it years ago.

Elle and Beatrix have a brief conversation, in which we learn that it was Pai Mei who snatched out Elle's right eye as punishment for her insolence. Elle maliciously tells Beatrix that she got her revenge by poisoning Pai Mei's food, killing him. The two attack one another with their Hanzo swords, hampered somewhat by the extremely close quarters. With their swords locked together, Beatrix's hand suddenly darts out and snatches out Elle's remaining eye, then proceeds to squish it flat with her bare foot. Elle falls to the ground and thrashes about wildly, cursing and threatening Beatrix. Beatrix calmly collects her Hanzo sword and departs, leaving Elle blind and alone (except for the still-hissing mamba) in the secluded trailer.

The last chapter, which runs nearly an hour, is set in Mexico, where Beatrix first visits an old pimp named Esteban Vihaio (Parks again, in a second role), who turns out to have raised Bill from childhood. He forthrightly tells her Bill's whereabouts, despite knowing her intentions, explaining to an incredulous Beatrix that Bill would have wanted him to.

Beatrix drives to Bill's home, prepared to kill him. She finds that Bill is not alone, however: B.B., their four-year-old daughter, whom she had thought was murdered during the wedding chapel attack, is alive and well, apparently delivered while Beatrix was comatose. Met with a family scene rather than aggression, Beatrix is overcome with emotion, creating a tension that envelopes the remainder of the movie: Will Beatrix complete her mission? The family spends the evening together peacefully, and B.B. falls asleep watching the chambara film Shogun Assassin in her mother's arms.

With B.B. safely in bed, Beatrix returns to the living room and verbally confronts Bill, who explains he has some unanswered questions for her, then shoots her with a dart filled with truth serum. He then makes her tell him why she ran away. In a somewhat humorous flashback, we learn that she realized upon becoming pregnant that she must put her daughter's future above Bill, and leave behind the assassin's life. Bill deprecates her attempts to find a "normal" life, and compares her with Clark Kent (Superman), saying that she was trying to hide her true identity behind a ridiculous facade. He explains his own actions towards her by saying "There are consequences to breaking the heart of a murdering bastard… You experienced some of them…"

The tension between their lingering feelings for one another and their desire to kill one another finally comes to a head when Bill draws his sword and attacks Beatrix. Although he appears to gain the advantage by disarming her, she disables Bill using the fatal Five-Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique, taught to her without Bill's knowledge by Pai Mei. Bill realizes he is beaten, and says a tender goodbye. He then walks unsteadily away, collapses, and dies in silence. Beatrix sheds a few tears for the death of her lover, and returns to the house to collect her daughter. The final scene shows Beatrix on the floor of a hotel bathroom, overcome with conflicting emotions, alternately laughing, crying, and saying, apparently to the deceased Bill, "Thank you, thank you." Regaining her composure, she runs to her daughter to start their new life together.

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