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Kill Bill relies heavily on film influences that Tarantino wished to pay tribute to. These include the spaghetti western, blaxploitation and kung fu movies of the 1960s and 1970s, Chinese "wuxia" and Japanese martial arts films, revenge-themed movies such as Lady Snowblood. There are also several references to other films either written and/or directed by Tarantino. Some elements of the story and the character Elle Driver in particular are inspired by the Swedish movie Thriller - en grym film. Tarantino also used the Japanese Lone Wolf and Cub series of Manga and films as an influence on the Bride and her daughter.

Lady Snowblood
Out of all the works Tarantino drew upon, the links to Lady Snowblood are perhaps the easiest to see. The most significant is that the idea of Uma Thurman's character in Kill Bill having a "list" of four enemies to kill is exactly the same as in Lady Snowblood. Another instrument adopted for Tarantino's film was the use of chapters to structure the film. Even in the film itself, one can pick out specific scenes that can show the relationship
between the two films. The scene where Sofie Fatale writhes on the floor after her arm is sliced off is mirrored to a similar one in Lady Snowblood, including the blood that splashes on the camera lens. When reviewing Kill Bill, the UK newspaper The Guardian went as far in 2004 as to comment, “Lady Snowblood, in particular, is practically a template for the whole of Kill Bill Vol. 1.."

Although Tarantino subsequently claimed that he had no intention of passing off the elements of films like Lady Snowblood as his own work, the lack of reference to them in the film credits and before the release did not convince his critics.

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