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When Vernita Green shoots at the Bride, the gun is in a box of cereal named "Kaboom!" Tarantino is known for his love of cereals that are no longer manufactured, and it is likely he purposefully chose that particular brand due to the irony of Vernita Green shooting a hidden gun through a box of cereal called "Kaboom!".

Budd falsely claims to have pawned his Hattori Hanzō sword in El Paso, Texas. In Pulp Fiction, Butch Coolidge finds a samurai sword in a Los Angeles pawn shop.

In Chapter Five: "Showdownat House of Blue Leaves", before the fight scene when Beatrix Kiddo walks over a clear glass tiled floor, the phrase "FUCK U" forms the tread pattern on the soles of her sneakers.
Upon arriving in Japan in Volume 1, Beatrix walks past a large sign advertising Red Apple cigarettes. In Pulp Fiction, Butch Coolidge asks a bartender for a pack of Red Apple cigarettes after speaking with Marcellus Wallace. The character Jackie Brown also walks past a similar sign in the airport from the opening scene of Jackie Brown.
The Hattori Hanzō sword used by Beatrix was later used by Miho in the screen adaptation of Sin City.

During Bill's interrogation of Beatrix, he says that she is a "natural born killer," a reference to the movie Natural Born Killers, for which Tarantino wrote the initial screenplay.

The flute which Bill is seen playing both outside the chapel and prior to Beatrix's training is the same flute carried by another of David Carradine's characters, Caine, of Kung Fu fame.

When facing the shotgun-wielding assassin, Karen, Beatrix calls herself "the deadliest woman in the world." In Pulp Fiction, Mia Wallace describes her character in the failed television pilot "Fox Force Five" as "the deadliest woman in the world with a knife." Interestingly, Karen is able to block Beatrix' knife with her shotgun.

Quentin Tarantino has confirmed that the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad (DiVAS) was based on the unnamed characters of "Fox Force Five" in Pulp Fiction.

When Beatrix is buried alive in Chapter Seven: "The lonely grave of Paula Schultz", the razor she pulls from her boot to escape is a reference to Michael Madsen's character in Reservoir Dogs, Mr. Blonde, who used an identical razor to cut off a police officer's ear.

In the videogame Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, the player is tasked with completing a mission called "Crazy '69'" (an allusion to the 'Crazy 88'). In the mission, the player must use a katana to kill rival gang members; upon completion, a jumpsuit identical to Uma Thurman's (yellow with black stripes) is awarded to the player.

The Japanese release of Volume 1 begins with a dedication to Japanese director Kinji Fukasaku, director of Battles Without Honour and Humanity.

The film also features an anime sequence explaining O-Ren's tragic backstory. It is directed by Kazuto Nakazawa, who also directed the Linkin Park video for "Breaking The Habit", with the animation studio Production I.G, producers of Ghost in the Shell among other works.

During Volume 1, The Bride's real name is bleeped out when characters say it. However, The Bride's real name is present on her boarding pass for her flights to Okinawa and Tokyo. Before Bill shoots her in the head, he refers to her as "Kiddo", which turns out to be her actual last name rather than a simple nickname.

The name "Beatrix Kiddo" is also hinted at in an exchange between O-Ren and The Bride. They quote the long-running Trix cereal slogan "Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids". This plays on The Bride's real name, Beatrix Kiddo (rab-BIT TRIX...KIDS), and may also be a reference to the author of Peter Rabbit, Beatrix Potter.

While the American cut of the movie shows the violent battle at the House of Blue Leaves in black and white, the Japanese cut shows it in color. The "Color Cut" of this film segment is highly sought after by fans, but has not been officially distributed outside Japan. Parts of the color version are available in the original trailer for the film, back when it was going to be a single movie, along with the deleted scene featuring Michael Jai White.
The Crazy 88: in China, "88" is an auspicious number, much like 7 in the west. See 8 (number) for more on the luck factor associated with it. In Japan, it is most often associated with the 88-temple Shikoku pilgrimage. While Bill claimed in Volume 2 that "There aren't really 88 [members in the groups], they just thought it sounded cool", Quentin Tarantino contradicted this in an interview with Eiga HIHO magazine, stating "because O-Ren is half-Chinese and half-Japanese, so is her army. So there's 44 Chinese people and 44 Japanese people! But that's part of the mythology I would only go into if I wrote a book." 4 in China and Japan is a homophone for death, and is considered a very unlucky number. However, 44 and 44 make 88, a lucky number.
In contrast to her murderous rampage in Volume 1, The Bride kills only one person in Volume 2, and not with her sword.
The alias she used on her marriage certificate is 'Arlene Machiavelli'. Machiavelli advocated faking one's own death as a strategy to fool enemies. The Bride is presumed as good as dead until she wakes up from her 4-year coma and goes after her enemies.

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