Jackie Brown:Differences between the novel and film

The events in the novel take place in Miami, whereas the film is set in Los Angeles.
The main character is named Jackie Burke rather than Jackie Brown.
In the novel Jackie is caucasian, not African-American.
Jackie and Max Cherry have a much closer relationship in the novel, developing into a full-blown affair rather than simply a good understanding of each other and a kiss at the end, as was shown in the film.
The novel featuresa sex scene between Max and Jackie.
Ordell Robbie was described as a light-skinned black man.
Louis Gara has no moustache in the novel.
Melanie is older than portrayed in the film
In the novel, Ordell and Louis met at a bar in Detroit, not in prison. It was in that bar that they both discovered they had served time in the same prison, but on different occasions.
The reader learns that Max Cherry is separated and that Jackie has been married three times; in the film, the viewer knows only that Jackie has been married once before.
In the book Louis Gara actually worked for Max Cherry and didn't "clear out" until after stealing a gun from the office.
The film was different from most adaptations of Elmore Leonard's work in that it actually has somewhat less violence. In the book there is a scene where several of Ordell's "nujack" henchmen are trapped in a warehouse full of weapons by ATF agents led by Ray Nicolette; they attempt to blast their way out with an anti-tank rocket launcher, but are too illiterate to read the instructions about how to operate it, and are captured. This would seem to be a scene tailor-made to Tarantino's sense of humour, but was not included in the film, perhaps for budgetary reasons or perhaps in an attempt to concentrate on the realistic and dramatic angles of the story.

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