Easy Rider:Trivia

The scenes playing on a New Orleans cemetery towards the end of the film were shot first on 16mm film to advertise the idea to producers.
Real marijuana was smoked in many scenes, but the "undescribed white powder" sniffed by Fonda was powdered sugar. In various interviews, Fonda has said he was told by Hopper it would be real cocaine.
The Restaurant scenes with Fonda, Hopper and Nicholson were shot in Morganza, Louisiana. The men and girls in that scene were all Morganza locals.
During the shooting, Dennis Hopper, legendaryat the time for his drug excesses, tyrannized the crew so much that everyone quit. The rest of the film had to be shot with an entirely new crew (as told on the DVD).[1]
The hippie commune had to be recreated and shot near the Mulholland Drive in the hills north of Los Angeles, as the original Arroyo Hondo, New Mexico commune near Taos did not permit shooting there
Peter Fonda's young daughter, Bridget Fonda, was one of the children seen in the commune.
Peter Fonda's character is named only three times in the film, as "Captain America" in prison and brothel, and then as Wyatt at the final campfire.
The bikes for the film, based on hard tail frames and Panhead engines, were designed and built by African American chopper builders Cliff Vaughs and Ben Hardy, following ideas of Peter Fonda, and handled by Tex Hall and Dan Haggerty later during shooting
In total, four former police bikes were used in the film. The 1949, 1950 and 1952 Harley Davidson Hydraglide were purchased at an auction for US$ 500. Each bike had a backup to make sure that shooting could continue in case one of the old machines failed. One "Captain America" was demolished in the final scene, while the other three were stolen and probably taken apart before their significance as movie props became known. The demolished bike was rebuilt by Dan Haggerty and shown in a museum. He sold it at an auction in 2001. Many replicas were built since.
The Mardi Gras scenes that were shot first on 16mm. Hopper was given $40,000 to shoot the test and if they 'passed' so to speak they could continue. However, Fonda got the carnival date wrong. Thinking he had a month to prepare when he only had a week, Hopper scrambled to find 16mm cameras and quickly assembled a crew. (as told in Easy Riders, Raging Bulls by Peter Biskind)
On the final day of the test shooting, the cemetary acid trip was shot. Hopper tried to get Fonda to talk to the statue of Madonna as though it was Fonda's mother (who had committed suicide) and ask her why she left him. What was left of the crew (most had quit due to Hopper's drug excesses) were outraged at Hopper's methods but Fonda went ahead with it. Surprisingly, Hopper was the one that was close to tears. (as told in Easy Riders, Raging Bulls by Peter Biskind)
Hopper and Fonda hosted a wrap party for the movie and then realised they hadn't shot the second campfire scene when Wyatt explains 'we blew it', so they had to shoot it later. At this time, the bikes had already been stolen, so they are not visible in the background. (as told in Easy Riders, Raging Bulls by Peter Biskind)
The pin Wyatt wears on his jacket is an Office of the Secretary of Defense Identification Badge .

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