Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban :Plot

The film begins in the dark outside Harry Potter's window (magical energy hums can be heard in the background). Harry yells "Lumos Maxima" and a blast of light is released from his wand (wand is different from first two films). The words Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban appear on the screen. We then return to Harry's room where his uncle comes busting in to check on him (obviously after hearing the magical hums). Later, Aunt Marge arrives at Number 4 Privet Drive. They have dinner while Harry playswaiter, picking up their plates and washing the dishes. Aunt Marge becomes drunk and begins to speak badly about Harry's parents. Harry gets angry with Aunt Marge who swells up and floats away like a balloon. Harry takes this opportunity to get his trunk and run away from "home" ("Anywhere is better than here," he yells at Uncle Vernon).

As he walks away, Aunt Marge is seen floating in the sky. Harry sits at the edge of a sidewalk where he sees Sirius Black in his Animagus form. He falls, swishing his wand in the process. Harry has signaled the Knight Bus with his arm; the bus then comes to a stop in front of him. Stan Shunpike gets his trunk in the bus while Harry enters, staring at a snoring wizard and a chandelier hanging from the top of the three story bus. The Knight bus takes off as Harry tells Stan the destination he wishes to be taken to. The Daily Prophet Stan is reading happens to have a picture of the infamous Sirius Black whom Harry questions about.

The bus makes rather sudden stops smashing Harry against the window. They arrive at the Leaky Cauldron where hunchback Tom takes Harry to see the Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge. Fudge tells Harry that he wil be charged with nothing and not to go wandering in Diagon Alley because of "The state of things". Harry later has a problem with the biting The Monster Book of Monsters. He later meets Ron and Hermione while they are having a serious discusion about which pet is better; Scabbers or Crookshanks. Mr. Weasley then takes Harry to a place where they can speak alone and tells him that Sirius Black is after him. Harry then tells Ron and Hermione about what Mr. Weasley told him(they are now onboard the Hogwarts Express) in a compartment where professor Remus Lupin lies asleep. The train come to a sudden stop, the lights go out, and everything begins to freeze. Then a cloaked figure appears outside the compartment. It opens the door and the Dementor enters the compartment appearing to be searching for something. It then spots Harry and begins to suck his happiness. The professor wakes up and repels the Dementor. Harry passes out and hears a woman's high pitched scream. Harry awakes to find that the train is already moving with lights on; everything is back to normal. Lupin tells them that it was a Dementor from Azkaban Prison and that it was looking for Sirius Black then gets up to have a word with the driver, leaving the trio alone. Harry asks them if they too heard the woman's scream. "No one was screaming Harry," says Hermione.

They arrive at Hogwarts. Carriages are seen moving by themselves towards the school while a chorus of "Double Trouble" can be heard. Inside the Great Hall, Professor Flitwick conducts the choir to end their performance. Dumbledore then gets up to give his "Welcome and Warning", telling the students to be aware of the Dementors. "But know now, happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, when only one remembers to turn on the light," he says (the film has taken a rather dark tone). The Gryffindors are later outside their Common Room listenning impatiently to the Fat Lady's attempts to break a glass goblet with her voice, to which she gives up and finally breaks against a wall behind her, at last letting the Gryfindors enter. The boys afterwards are gathered in a circle trying different magical candy (smoke erupts out of Harry's ear). The next morning, we see a bird flying through the landscape and getting whacked by the Whomping Willow. Harry and Ron are in their first Divination class, Professor Tralawney comically introduces herself, and then leaves to their cup reading exercise when Hermione appears out of nowhere next to Ron. Tralawney nears Ron telling him that he is "In the Beyond." She later snatches away the cup after hearing Ron's lousy predictions and tells Harry that he has the Grim. She becomes highly distressed.

The trio are later walking down a hill from the Clock Tower (a new addition to Hogwarts Castle) towards Hagrid's hut where they and their fellow classmates meet and follow him toward a pavillion. After Malfoy makes fun of Harry fainting onboard the Hogwarts Express, Hagrid introduces Buckbeak the Hippogriff to the class.

Harry nears Buckbeak and then rides the Hippogriff throughout the beautiful Scottish landscape of Hogwarts. Both return to the pavillion making Malfoy jealous. He insults the Hippogriff who in return hits Malfoy on the arm with force. Hagrid takes Malfoy to the Hospital Wing, "You and your bloody chicken!" Seamus later shows the Daily Prophet to the students on the Gryffindor Table stating that Sirius Black was spotted near Dufftown.

Remus Lupin afterward teaches the students about Boggarts and how to repel them. The students take a turn on repelling the Boggart that had been hiding in a wardrobe. When Harry faces the Boggart, it transforms into a Dementor. Lupin leaps in front of Harry and the Boggart transforms into a cloud-surrounded full moon which turns into a deflating balloon with a swish of Lupin's wand who dismisses the class.

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