Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone :plot

Harry Potter, a seemingly ordinary eleven-year-old boy, is actually a wizard and survivor of the evil Lord Voldemort's, the villan of the series, attempted murder, giving him a scar, and ridding Voldemort of his power, though he still lived in a spirit-like form. The attack, however, effectively killed his parents, James and Lily Potter. The wizarding community hails him as a hero, "The Boy Who Lived". However, the administration of Hogwarts, a famous wizard school, wants to keep him out of the spotlight and away from the wrathful servents of Voldemort. They drop him off at a Muggle's house.

Ten years later, we seethe boy Harry is abused by the family, who instead centers around the spoiled child, Dudley. On Dudley's birthday, they give him 33 presents (which he complains is less then last year, so they buy him more), and take him, and reluctantly, Harry, to the zoo. They are aware that Harry Potter is different, and they are scared of him.

At the zoo, Harry finds a snake and begins to talk to it, but the snake actually understands. Before Harry can help it, he's let the snake out, but Dudley into the snake's cage. Although he finds this funny, the Dursleys are extremely irate, and punish him later.

Then, one day, as Harry goes to take in the mail, he finds a letter addressed to him. Before he can read it, though, Dudley steals it and comments "who would want to write a letter to you?" The father takes it away, and when he sees the addressor, he immediately burns it.

But that's not going to stop the letters. They keep coming, but Harry never gets to read them as Mr. Dursley constantly burns them. Then, one day, the sender has had enough. Thousands and thousands of letters fly all through the Dursley home, effectively raining the entire house in mail. But Mr. Dursley captures Harry before he can read any of them, and announces that their moving away.

And indeed they do. Fearing the return of the letters, Mr. Dursley is satisfied that they will never find him where he's gone to: a remote rocky island in the midst of stormy seas.

That night, Harry counts down to his eleventh birthday in the sand, while all of his negligent family sleeps. What seems to be a silent night, however, is broken when Hagrid, a half-man half-giant, brakes through the door. Hagrid hands Harry a letter, and the now awakened Dursley family is scared. Mr. Dursley takes out a shotgun, but Hagrid simply bends it to point to the roof, and he backs down. Harry finds out that he is actually a wizard, and that he is accepted to go to Hogwarts, a school for wizards and witches. He cordially accepts, although the Dursleys seem reluctant.

The next day, Hagrid takes Harry to a secret wizarding community in London. He there meets Professor Quirrel, who stutters alot and seems to adore Harry's every move.

Harry goes to Gringots, a wizard bank, and gets the inheritence left behind of the Potter family. But before they leave the bank, Hagrid takes a detour to a highly secured slot. A small, tightly wrapped bag is in there, and Hagrid removes it.

After Harry uses his money to buy books, Hagrid takes him to the train station, saying that Platform 9 3/4 is where his train is waiting, and then leaves for a business trip.

The only problem? There is no Platform 9 3/4. Harry asks a security guard, but the man just acts like Harry's crazy. That's when the Weasleys come. A rather poor wizard family, with many children. They look like wizards, so Harry asks them if they know where Platform 9 3/4 is, and they explain. The pillar in between platform 9 and platform 10 is magical. If a wizard or witch runs at full speed into it, they'll be transported to Platform 9 3/4.

Harry enters this wizarding train station and boards the Hogwarts Express, and meets Ron Weasley, a boy his age, also going into his first year at Hogwarts. After they come to terms with Harry's being famous, they meet Hermoine, a very bright girl.

When they reach Hogwarts, they all line up in front of the Great Hall to be sorted into a house.

Houses are groups of students. There's Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff. The two most well known are Gryffindor, where heroes are born, and Slytherin, where villans are made.

As they wait, they meet Draco Malfoy, and his two pals, Crabbes and Goyle. Malfoy is the leader, and the other two are basically two grunts that follow him around. Malfoy offers Harry a chance to go with him, and learn the true wizarding ways, without those stupid worthless people, i.e. Ron and Hermoine. Harry refuses, and Malfoy is angry, but before he can do anything, the teacher has returned.

The group of new students enter the hall, applauded by the older students of Hogwarts. Ron is sent to Gryffindor, and so is Hermoine. Malfoy is sent to Slytherin. The Sorting Hat, which decides where everyone goes, decides that Harry should go to Slytherin, but Harry pleads that he wants to go to Gryffindor. The Sorting Hat tries to convince Harry to go to Slytherin, but Harry remains adament, and so the Sorting Hat sends him to Gryffindor.

As the school year gets underway, he finds that he has found an enemy in the dark and slightly evil Snape, a potions teacher. Snape purposely makes life difficult for Harry, and a mutual hatred begins.

He also sees Quirrel, who happens to be a teacher in Hogwarts. His subject is Defence Against the Dark Arts. He still stutters.

Harry also takes a flying class. Here, each student must learn how to ride brooms. However, the class doesn't do well. Even the ever-so brilliant Hermoine is having trouble. But, alas, this is not the case for Harry, who instantly picks up the skill, along with his nemesis Malfoy. Neville, a klutz, ends up having his broom go crazy and becomes injured. The teacher, Madam Pomfrey, takes him to the infirmatory, but with these final words: "If one of you so even lifts their broom off the ground, you'll be expelled faster than you can say 'Quidditch.'"

However, Neville, who often forgets things, leaves behind his Remembrall, a device that helps you remember things if you forget them. Malfoy, in true bully fashion, takes the Remembrall. Harry tells him to put it back, but Malfoy laughs and flies into the air, taunting Potter. Harry follows Malfoy into the air. Malfoy throws the Remembrall, and Harry races towards it as fast as he can, and catches it a few feet away from a window, where Proffessor McGonagal, the Head of House for Gryffindor, sees the action. She races down and orders Potter to follow her at once.

Harry instantly assumes that his career in Hogwarts will now meet a premature end. But McGonagall has a different thing in mind, and signs Harry up as a Seeker in Quidditch...which, to a first year, is pratically unheard of.

Harry learns that his father, James, was also a seeker for Gryffindor.

[The following part is rushed and needs to be made more indepth.]

But all of this is dampened when Harry and his two friends end up in a forbidden corridor, and finds a three-headed dog guarding a trapdoor. They find out that someone is trying to steal from this trapdoor, and Snape is a likely target. They find out more, and that Hagrid has accidentily given the secret to putting these dogs to sleep, music, to a stranger, presumibly Snape. The trio rushes into stop him. They face many trials, and eventually find that not Snape, but Quirrel, is responsible. Harry duels with him and eventually slays the man, and saves the Philosopher's Stone.

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