Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone:Deleted scenes controversy

The release of the film was accompanied by advertisements that made prominent mention of deleted scenes. While the VHS and VCD version contained the scenes after the film, the DVDs included the scenes as an Easter egg; many fans, not knowing this, felt that they were cheated upon buying the discs, and HarryPotter.com ran an article on finding the scenes. As if in apology, the Chamber of Secrets DVD made its deleted scenes immediately available. It does seem rather strange that, to access the scenes on the Philosopher's Stone DVD, notonly did the viewer have to answer a number of questions based on the film, but that a number of questions had answers that were only available in the deleted scenes themselves.

On U.S. television, ABC, along with its sister cable network ABC Family, played a version with all the deleted scenes included on the DVD, interspersed into the movie. ABC played the version for the network television premiere in 2004, whereas ABC Family aired the version more recently.

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