The Da Vinci Code:Plot Summary

The film opens with a man (later revealed to be Jacques Saunière) being pursued by a mysterious hooded character carrying a handgun through one of the art wings in the Louvre. While trying to evade the man, he is confronted by him and reveals himself as Silas. Silas begins demanding the location of the Priory's clef de voûte or "keystone." However, Jacques instead tells him a lie that was told by the other three keepers of the secret as well, whom Silas all shot. Silas then shoots Jacques in the stomach, and walks out.

Saunière reveals a place (Church of Saint-Sulpice beneath the Rose), but we soon discover that this revelation was only a lie that was created by the Priory of Sion in case they were compromised.

Meanwhile, American symbologist Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks), who is in Paris as a guest lecturer onSymbols and the sacred feminine, is contacted by the French police, and summoned to the Louvre to view the crime scene. He discovers the dying Saunière had created an intricate display using black light ink and his own body and blood. Capitan Bezu Fache (Jean Reno) asks him for his interpretation of the puzzling scene.

Next on the scene is Sophie Neveu (Audrey Tautou), French Cryptologist. She discreetly informs Langdon that he is in danger, and must get away without arousing suspicions. Langdon, in confusion, excuses himself and heads to the men's washroom, where Sophie meets him and warns that he was bugged with a tracking device by Bezu Fache on the way into the Louvre. Sophie tells him to get rid of it, which he manages by placing it in a bar of soap and throwing it onto a passing truck. After throwing the chip out the window, French agents are alerted of Langdon's attempted escape and begin pursuing the automobile. Sophie begins explaining that Fache had erased a line of black light ink text which appeared to incriminate Langdon, and that Fache believes Langdon to be the murderer.

However, Sophie also believes that Saunière, who, it transpires, is her grandfather, wanted to pass a hidden message on to her, and that he had wanted to bring Langdon into the equation so that he could help her crack the code.

After the pair manage to buy some time by disorienting the French agents with throwing the chip out, they begin exploring the Louvre, finding some more anagram messages that Saunière had left behind. Many of these messages relate to Leonardo Da Vinci's art, and the pair find a key with a Fleur-de-lis behind Madonna of the Rocks.

When the French agents stop the suspected car in which Langdon supposedly escaped, they realise they were tricked and immediately head back to the Louvre. Upon arrival, Robert and Sophie evade agents and are pursued by the French Police. Sophie tells Robert that she can continue with the investigation and that if they get to the American embassy then they can safely fly Langdon back to the United States.

After arriving at the front gates of the American embassy, the French authorities are already waiting for them both. Sophie then manages to drive into a narrow alleyway created by two moving trucks. Both of them abandon the car and head into a park where Langdon closely inspects the key. He notices an inscription on the side which is an address. The address appoints them to head over to the Depository Bank of Zurich where the key is used for a safety deposit box.

When they enter Depository Bank of Zurich, both now appear as wanted criminals on French television. One of the security guards recognises Langdon and Sophie and informs the police when both enter into a vault. They discover that Saunière had a safety deposit box, which requires a 10 digit code for them to access. Langdon then remembers Fibonacci numbers which were found previously on Jacques Saunière. When arranged in the correct order, it becomes 1123581321.

When they succeed in entering the code, they acquire a box. The box turns out to contain a cryptex; a device which can be aligned in different ways, something like a Rubik's Cube, and must be set-up to spell out a 5-letter code word in order to open and access the parchment message inside which surrounds a vial of vinegar. Using force to open the cryptex would cause the vial to break and dissolve the parchment, effectively destroying the message.

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