Batman : Synopsis

Like many large cities, Gotham is having troubles related to criminal activity. Fearing that the crime will deter citizens from attending the city's anniversary gala, and believing that cleaning up the city will help rejuvenate the failing downtown area, Gotham's mayor tasks district attorney Harvey Dent with finding a way to make the city safe again; Dent, in turn, targets mob boss Carl Grissom, who is believed to sponsor most of the criminal activity within Gotham and who is known to be paying off a significant part of the police force.

While Dent tries to find a way to bring Grissom down, Jack Napier, Grissom's second in command, is trying to take control for himself, carefully pining away toward what he believes is his destiny: to control Gotham's organized criminal activity. Tasked with keeping the city's few honest cops from finding anything incriminating, Napier is sent to visit Axis Chemicals, one of Grissom's front companies, which houses a safe full of paperwork linking Grissom to illegal acts. It is within Axis that Napier is nearly killed and thusly transformed into the venomous super villain known as The Joker. Completely psychotic and bent on taking control, The Joker formulates a plan to bring Gotham to its knees, and only Batman can stop him from doing so.

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