Star Wars: plot

Episodes I, II, and III chronicle the downfall of the Old Republic and the rise of the Galactic Empire. It is also the story of Anakin Skywalker's rise as a gifted young Jedi and his eventual fall to the Dark Side of the Force. In the first film, Darth Sidious manipulates the Trade Federation into invading and occupying theplanet Naboo.

Sidious concurrently maintains his public identity as Palpatine, a senator in the Galactic Republic, and uses the crisis to convince the Senate to elect him Chancellor of the Galactic Republic. He then, in the second film, further manipulates the Senate into granting him emergency powers, and orchestrates the Clone Wars, a conflict between the Republic (which he controls as Chancellor Palpatine) and a Separatist movement (which he controls as Darth Sidious). Meanwhile, Anakin Skywalker is discovered by the Jedi and is trained by Obi-Wan Kenobi, but falls in love with Padmé Amidala, queen and later senator of Naboo. The two hold a secret wedding at the end of Episode II. During the later parts of the Clone Wars, Anakin's wife Padmé Amidala becomes pregnant with twins, Luke and Leia. As the Clone Wars come to an end, Sidious turns Anakin Skywalker to the Dark Side. Anakin, now known as Darth Vader, helps Sidious to wipe out the Jedi. Sidious (as Palpatine) declares himself Emperor and turns the Galactic Republic into the Galactic Empire. Padmé, who is stricken with grief that her husband Anakin turned to the dark side, gives birth to Luke and Leia, but dies during childbirth. Two of the surviving Jedi, Kenobi and Yoda survive the attacks and choose to go into exile. Obi-Wan takes Luke to Tatooine with the intent to watch over him from afar, while Senator Bail Organa takes Leia to Alderaan and raises her. Yoda goes to Dagobah to await the arrival of Luke.

Episodes IV, V, and VI pick up approximately nineteen years after the events of Episode III, during the Galactic Civil War, which leads to the downfall of the Galactic Empire at the hands of the Rebel Alliance. These films follow the story of Luke Skywalker, the son of Anakin Skywalker, and his rise in the Rebel movement against the Empire. Leia, now a Princess and a member of the Imperial Senate, sends a message for help to Obi-Wan Kenobi. Luke inadvertently intercepts the message and meets Kenobi. After the murder of his aunt and uncle by Imperial Stormtroopers, Luke joins the ragtag Rebel Alliance — traveling with Kenobi, his sister Leia Organa (who he does not realize is his sister until later, in Episode VI), smuggler Han Solo, Solo's Wookiee companion Chewbacca, and the droids C-3PO and R2-D2. He trains with Kenobi and subsequently Yoda to become a Jedi like his father, whom he believes was betrayed and murdered by Darth Vader. When Luke learns the truth — that his father is Darth Vader — he is profoundly shaken. Despite this, Luke successfully resists the efforts of Vader and Sidious to turn him to the Dark Side, instead turning his father back to the Light Side of the Force. A mortally wounded Vader then kills Sidious, while the Rebel fleet scores a decisive victory against the Empire, by destroying the second Death Star. The Rebel Alliance's victory eventually leads to the end of the Galactic Civil War, the downfall of the Empire, and the formation of the New Republic, as described in the Expanded Universe .

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